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  The Way Cool Binds & Macros List


Shenanigunner's Example Bind File for Scrappers
(& Tankers & Blasters)

Shenanigunner's Example Bind File for Healers
(& Controllers )

Shenanigunner's Bind Reference Sheet (PDF)

Click the above links to see a example bind files that incorporates most of the binds listed here, as well as the cleanup suggested in Power Tip 2 and some new stuff.

The bind reference sheet is a tidy way to list all the special binds. An editable version in FrameMaker 7.2 is available on request.


Boss! /bind CTRL+F9 "quit$$dialog_yes"
Bang, you're at the desktop when YOUR boss walks in. Be sure your char is in a safe place, though…
Zoom! /bind R "powexec_toggleon Super Speed$$++autorun"
Turn on Super Speed and initiate autorun on the first keypress; toggle autorun off and back on with successive presses. You can substitute Sprint if you don't have Super Speed.
Gotcha! /macro TTM "g Teleporting $target!$$Recall Friend"
Announce that you're teleporting a teammate - helps prevent confusion. The string "Teleporting (teammate name) will appear on the chat and your targeting circle will appear. You can pause for the target to comment or decline before clicking to complete the action. This is a bind to a macro button, but you can also bind it to a team-mode key.
Hoppy! /bind J "powexectoggleon Super Jump$$up 1$$autorun 1"
/bind K "powexectoggleon Combat Jumping$$up 0$$autorun 0"
/bind CTRL+J "powexec_name Combat Jumping$$powexec_name Super Jump"
This set of binds makes the Combat Jump/Super Jump pair very useful and accessible. J turns SJ on and starts you bouncing forward for travel. K stops both jump and autorun and returns you to CJ. The third bind allows you to switch and is optional.
Byeee! /bind F9 "requestexitmission 1"
This bind exits you from a completed mission. A useful alternative to finding and clicking the teeny EXIT button... and gives you a fast exit when you're just doing XP mop-up and the situation turns ugly. A nice insurance key when you decide to see if you really can solo a purple Aberrant...


Follow! /bind F "follow"
A default bind, but worth mentioning here. Binds you onto the selected target, be it friend, foe or NPC. Non-melee types should be cautious with this key, or even rebind it to ALT+F so that you aren't accidentally yanked into melee range of a foe.
I.C.U.! /bind T "target_enemy_next"
An essential bind for all types - helps you find and target slightly hidden foes, even at a distance. Repeated presses will cycle through all visible foes, from nearest to furthest.
I.C.U.2! /bind CTRL+T "target_friend_next"
A useful bind for some, especially controllers and defenders - helps you find and target friendlies, even at a distance. Repeated presses will cycle through all visible friends, from nearest to furthest.
Engage! /bind G "target_enemy_near$$follow"
The essential melee bind for tankers and scrappers - target the nearest enemy and lock onto him. Bind to G for "Get 'em!" and keep F for Follow when you have the desired target already selected.
QuickInsp /bind F1 "inspexec_name resurgence$$inspexec_name dramatic improvement$$inspexec_name respite"
/bind F2 "inspexec_name second wind$$inspexec_name take a breather$$inspexec_name catch a breath"
/bind F3 "inspexec_name phenomenal luck$$inspexec_name good luck$$inspexec_name luck"
/bind F4 "inspexec_name righteous rage$$inspexec_name focused rage$$inspexec_name enrage"
/bind F5 "inspexec_name uncanny insight$$inspexec_name keen insight$$inspexec_name insight"
/bind F6 "inspexec_name robust$$inspexec_name rugged$$inspexec_name sturdy "
/bind F7 "inspexec_name escape$$inspexec_name emerge$$inspexec_name break free "
Each of these binds will fire off the selected Inspiration type, from lowest power to highest. VERY useful for Health and Endurance - I don't find the others as useful but you might. Some players might prefer to reverse the order of Insps so that the most powerful ones fire first. Rearrange the specific key bindings to suit yourself - but be sure to make the first two, and perhaps "break free," easy to find and hit fast.
Thanks to Xocyll for this refinement.


Map Set /bind F12 "window_scale map 0.6"
/bind CTRL+F12 "window_scale map 2.0"
This bind set will let you zoom the map to huge (2x normal size) with one key, and back to a small, out of your way helper with another. Getting rid of the map goes to the easier key.


These bind sets are intended to put healing, buffing and general team-support commands on the keyboard numpad. You'll have to go from mouse+keyboard control to two-handed keyboard control in combat, but I've found it very workable. You may sometimes find yourself having to press these keys twice to select and then affect - if there's a consistent reaction from the console, I haven't found how to get it.

In each case, the number-pad 1 through 8 are bound to select and affect a specific teammate, and numpad 9 is the same action on the currently-selected 'mate. Two keys are bound to function the same in all shift-bindings.

I also strongly suggest that defenders and controllers detach the team-status window and drag it right to the center of the screen, at a height that lets you see the action but lets you watch your teammates' health and status at the same time.

The powers referenced here are for an Empathy defender - adjust the power names and bindings to suit other models.

Heal All /bind numpad0 "powexec Healing Aura"
/bind shift+numpad0 "powexec Healing Aura"
/bind ctrl+numpad0 "powexec Healing Aura"
/bind alt+numpad0 "powexec Healing Aura"
This bind fires your basic area healing power no matter which shift key you might have pressed.
Heal One /bind numpad1 "unselect$$teamselect 1$$powexec Heal Other"
/bind numpad8 "unselect$$teamselect 8$$powexec Heal Other"
/bind numpad9 "powexec Heal Other"
/bind add "powexec Absorb Pain"
This bind fires your basic heal-other power at the specified teammate. Note that the number pad plus key is bound to the immediate "power heal" command, as it is in all shift settings.
Power Heal /bind shift+numpad1 "unselect$$teamselect 1$$powexec Absorb Pain"
/bind shift+numpad8 "unselect$$teamselect 8$$powexec Absorb Pain"
/bind shift+numpad9 "powexec Absorb Pain"
/bind shift+add "powexec Absorb Pain"
This bind fires your power-healing power at the specified teammate.

You can repeat this bind model for the CTRL and ALT keys for other useful team-related powers - Recall Friend (use the "announced" version above), Fortitude, Clear Mind, etc.

(Note: the ADD key is the numpad plus key.)


Sprint Swapper R "powexectoggleon Prestige Power Dash$$++autorun$$bindloadfile c:\bindfiles\pps_quick_a.txt"

CTRL+R "powexectoggleon Prestige Power Dash$$bindloadfile c:\bindfiles\pps_quick_a.txt"

The above is a single pair of binds from the set of 5 (or 10) that you need to implement automatic cycling of the four "Prestige Sprints" you get as a Veteran's Reward. With 4 cool sprinting animations to choose from, plus the basic Sprint, there's no reason to pick just one.

Each bind resides in its own sub-bindfile. When you press CTRL+R to cycle the sprint mode, it activates the currently selected mode and then loads a bindfile fragment to overwrite the command, ready for the next toggle. Each time you press CTRL+R, you'll get a different sprint animation. You can cycle them while moving, a great showoff move.

If you use R to toggle autorun off and on while forcing on your fast-motion move (Sprint or Super Speed), you can choose whether this bind modification overwrites that or not. If you use Super Speed, you DON'T want your R command overwritten; if you use Sprint, you probably do.

To implement this bind, download the archive file of bind fragments by clicking HERE. Unzip this file into your bindfile folder (which is assumed to be c:\bindfiles). If you keep your bindfiles somewhere else, open all ten bindfile fragments and edit the FIFTEEN lines with the path string in them to your location.

Now, open each character's bindfile (you DO keep them separate, right?) and replace EITHER the CTRL-R line with the line from any fragment file that does not have the appended '_A' , or replace both the R and CTRL-R lines with both lines from any fragment file that does end in _A. If you replace both lines, both R and CTRL-R will cycle the Sprint animation; if you replace just CTRL-R, the cycle command will be separate from the sprint/autorun activation command.

Have fun showing off!

PS - you have to have the Prestige Sprint veteran reward, and install it from the Veteran Badges list, for this to work! You might also have to add the four Prestige Sprint buttons to an unused powers tray, along with the regular Sprint button - which is useful for monitoriing the switch and playing with the Sprints individually.