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Updated 16 May 2019!

Welcome to HEROICA! 2019!!

We're back. I can't fraggin' believe we're back!

This is a very quick and rough update of a website I really should have pulled down years ago. I'm glad I didn't.

The old front page, in its entirety, obsolete comments and links intact, is below. For right now, I assume you're here to get the fully updated and renamed City of Heroes/City of Villains Technical Guide.

So here it is, all 75 pages of it:

The former Bind & Macro Guide,
now fully updated to I14+/Post-Live,
greatly expanded and renamed the

CoH/CoV Technical Guide v2.55 [PDF, 400k]

Right-click to save the PDF file locally. Enjoy!

See you around Paragon City, Excelsior dimension!

Spread the word about HEROICA!2019!!, if you would, please!

- Shenanigunner

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Welcome to HEROICA!

I long ago brought this page into existence because I thought the City of Heroes player community - and now the City of Villains community as well - could use a good central site for game information. There's any number of CoH sites, including the official one and the CoH Warcry site, and some of them are very good places to visit. I still thought there was room for one more, a site really dedicated to the serious player looking for concise, useful information about the game... and also a central site that maintains up-to-date links to the other worthwhile pages. Okay, it's never become that central hub... but we've got some good stuff here anyway.

The main resource here is the Keybind, Macro & Emote Guide, which has just been updated with the Issue 14 stuff.

Contributions are welcome - let me know what you have! I'm particularly interested in good, complete, accurate lists of CoH features that are not well-represented on other sites. Got a list of Enhancement prices, Task Force details, or other useful compendiums? Let me know!

You can contact me about anything on this site, or anything CoH-related, at the address below. Sorry it's a graphic; I try to keep from feeding the spam-bots whenever possible.

You can also ping me in the game if you're on Victory or Virtue. I'm on many evenings, US Pacific time.

See you around Paragon City, Victory/Virtue dimensions!

Spread the word about HEROICA!

- Shenanigunner

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'Gunner Lives!


    Shenanigunner's Bind & Macro Guide

    The guide to binds, macros, slash commands and emotes - there's nothing else like it out there. (If you're interested in purchasing a printed, bound copy... drop me email!)

    At long last! The 2.00 update: Updated and Corrected through Issue 14. Much new stuff, including details on the user interface save and restore features. Completely updated slash command and emote lists, too!

  • City of Heroes/City of Villains
    Keybind, Macro & Emote Guide
    v2.00, 14 April 09 (PDF, 190k) - 52 pages
  • Keybind, Macro & Emote Guide - Cover
    If you're going to print out your copy of the Guide, here's the cool cover I designed for my desk copy. (PDF, 427k)
  • Technical & Reference Stuff

  • Shenanigunner's Targeting Guide
    A complete guide to using the new(ish) targeting commands to locate hidden objectives, friends and foes.
  • The Way Cool Binds (& Macros) List
    The beginning of a list of the coolest, most useful binds. Great examples for Guide users, too. Updated & expanded!
  • Player Power Tip #1: Customizing Your User Interface
    A set of instructions on how to customize your user interface beyond what the Options menu allows - window scaling, map zooms, window colors and more!
  • Player Power Tip #2: Customizing Your Controls
    A set of instructions on how to customize your keyboard and mouse controls beyond what the Options menu allows - and eliminate the useless controls that can mess you up!
  • General Stuff

  • City of Heroes Web Page Links
    The other cool sites for CoH stuff!

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