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The GWCB List

"Gunner's Way-Cool Binds"

This list is meant for very quick reference by those with a little bit of bind/macro savvy. Nothing replaces having the Guide on hand or at least reading through the GABB bindset documentation. Most of these are included, with more explanation, in Appendix W of the Guide. Suggested keys are used in each example; adapt as you like.

Text in green is ready to cut-and-paste. Change key assignments if necessary.
Text in orange should be edited to suit your alt, needs and preferences.


/bind R "++autorun"

Run Fast/Jump/Stop (substitute other run powers if you have them)

/bind R "powexec_toggleon Sprint$$autorun 1"

/bind CTRL+R "powexec_toggleoff Sprint$$autorun 0"

/bind SPACE "autorun 0$$+up"

/bind MOUSECHORD "+up"

Target nearest foe

/bind T "target_enemy_near"

Cycle targeting through visible foes

/bind CTRL+T "target_enemy_next"

Select and lock onto nearest foe (Grapple, the melee fighter's friend)

/bind G "target_enemy_near$$follow"

Cycle through all visible, targetable objects (using Numpad + key)

/bind ADD "target_custom_next base"

Look! Look!

/bind HOME "camdist 30"

/bind END "camdist 120"

/bind PAGEDOWN "camreset"

/bind PAGEUP "playerturn"

/bind SHIFT+RBUTTON "+camrotate"

I'm RESTING, Guys!

/macro_image DayJob_SingleTargetHeal REST "powexectoggleon Rest$$g ***RESTING!***"

Use this macro in place of your Rest icon. I always put Rest in slot 10, so a quick 0-key press toggles it on and off. Put this macro there and put Rest in the tray-2 slot 10 right above it. Use a click or a key-0 to activate it and it will let your teammates know you're not ready for the next battle yet. You can click/activate it multiple times to keep sending the message without interrupting Rest. Then click the upper Rest icon (or write another bind/macro) to turn Rest off again.

The macro_image command lets you use a nice gold Heal icon as well.


I'm RESTING, Guys II - The Sequel

/bind 0 "powexectoggleon Rest$$g <color white><bgcolor red><scale 4><bordercolor white>&gt;-&gt;-&gt; Resting! &lt;-&lt;-&lt;"

/bind - "powexectoggleoff Rest"

Back to binds. This set replaces the (keytop) 0 key with a direct call to Rest, with the team chat string - a fancier version, big and red and white. Since 0 no longer works as a direct power slot call, it's best to leave Rest in tray 1 slot 10 to avoid confusion. The adjacent - key cancels Rest.

Binds just work better for me. But you can backconvert that into a macro, too.

Yack Yack - Hold on, yacking - Slash

/bind ENTER "show chat$$afk Speaking, excuse me...$$startchat"

/bind SLASH "show chat$$slashchat"

Yack Yack in private - first replies to LAST TELL RECEIVED, second adds to LAST TELL SENT

/bind BACKSPACE "autoreply"

/bind CTRL+BACKSPACE "tell_last"

/bind ALT+BACKSPACE "t $target, "

Get All Dramatic - first command is for direct entry; see Guide for complete emote list

/emote Wave

/bind SUBTRACT "emote Wave"

/bind CTRL+SUBTRACT "s Hey, good lookin'!$$emote Wave"

Make Your Pets Get All Dramatic - first three commands are for direct entry; third is alt-to-pet pairing

/petsay Beat me, master!

/petsay <emote Cower>Beat me, master!

/petsay <emote batsmashreact>$$emote batsmash

NOTE - at present, pet emotes do not work in binds (a limitation of the string processing, promised to be fixed someday). You have to use a two-stage process to call pet emotes using binds. Basically, create the control string as a macro, then call it with a bind:

/macro PV "petsay_all <emote Victory>We saved you, master!"

Put that in Tray 9, Slot 1, and then...

/bind ALT+1 "powexec_tray 1 9"

Pet Control

/bind DECIMAL "petcom_all follow defensive"

/bind NUMPAD0 "petcom_all attack aggressive"

/bind ALT+DECIMAL "petcom_all dismiss"

Teleport with a double-click

/bind LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Teleport"

Teleport up very high and very quickly

/bind U "powexec_location up:max Teleport"

Teleport selected team mate to pointed spot (must be within power's local range)

/bind CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Recall Friend"

Fly! Fly fancy! (substitute desired pose; tap R or Numpad key while flying to set pose)

/bind Y "powexecname Fly"

/bind R "autorun 1$$emote FlyPose1"

/bind SPACE "autorun 0$$+up"

/bind MOUSECHORD "+up"

/bind NUMPAD0 "FlyPose1"

/bind NUMPAD1 "FlyPose2"

/bind NUMPAD2 "FlyPose3"

/bind NUMPAD3 "FlyPose4"

GPS - adjust values from 0.6 to 3.0; works best with map in upper left corner

/bind CTRL+F12 "show map$$windowscale map 2.0"

/bind F12 "windowscale map 1.0"

Clear mission & contact clutter so you can get down to business

/bind F11 "window_hide contacts$$window_hide mission$$window_hide contactdialog$$window_hide missionsummary"

Clear clicky-button windows so you can get down to business

/bind [ "dialog_no$$dialog_answer Dismiss$$dialog_answer Ok"

/bind ] "dialog_yes$$dialog_answer Accept"

These two binds give fast "Nope-Go Away" and "Yup" keys to answer the range of pop-up windows that require a tiny button to be clicked, like trade, teleport and buff requests. I put the general 'Ok' on the 'No' button to keep it from agreeing to things you don't want to agree to as well as dismissing most info windows. You can extend the functions with other yes/no answer strings you encounter. Thanks to @InStim for the suggestion!

Save & Load your alt's bindfile to separate files for management - use unique alt/file name

/bind ALT+F6 "bind_load_file c:\bindfiles\MyChar-load.txt"

/bind ALT+F5 "bind_save_file c:\bindfiles\MyChar-save.txt"

Quit while you're ahead - Warning: Last will crash-to-desktop unless orange text is removed!

/bind F9 "requestexitmission 1"

/bind CTRL+F9 "quittocharacterselect"

/bind SHIFT+F9 “quittologin"

/bind ALT+F9 "quit$$dialog_yes"

Fast-Combine Inspirations

This set of macros gives one-click Inspiration conversion (3-for-1), which can be helpful to players who need to convert unneeded Insps to useful ones on the fly. Most users will need only one or two of them at any one time or for any one alt. Users can either create all three levels of desired conversion, or replace lower ones as alts level to the higher types. All of the relevant macro-icon and Inspiration names can be found in these examples, for further editing. (Thanks to "FDIC" who asked the question and inspired the work here.)

Each macro will create a tray icon of the Insp type to be converted.

Each macro used should be edited to convert to the new Insp type most desired (usually greens and purples).

/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Resistance_Lvl_1 ORANGE insp_combine "Sturdy" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Accuracy_Lvl_1 YELLOW insp_combine "Insight" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Endurance_Lvl_1 BLUE insp_combine "Catch a Breath" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_resist_sleep_hold_Lvl_1 VIOLET insp_combine "Break Free" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Resurrection_Lvl_1 AQUA insp_combine "Awaken" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_1 RED "insp_combine "Enrage" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_1 PURPLE insp_combine "Luck" "Respite"
/macro_image Inspiration_Health_Lvl_1 GREEN insp_combine "Respite" "Luck"

/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Resistance_Lvl_2 ORANGE2 insp_combine "Rugged" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Accuracy_Lvl_2 YELLOW2 insp_combine "Keen Insight" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Endurance_Lvl_2 BLUE2 insp_combine "Take a Breather" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_resist_sleep_hold_Lvl_2 VIOLET2 insp_combine "Emerge" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Resurrection_Lvl_2 AQUA2 insp_combine "Bounce Back" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_2 RED2 "insp_combine "Focused Rage" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_2 PURPLE2 insp_combine "Good Luck" "Dramatic Improvement"
/macro_image Inspiration_Health_Lvl_2 GREEN2 insp_combine "Dramatic Improvement" "Good Luck"

/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Resistance_Lvl_3 ORANGE3 insp_combine "Robust" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Accuracy_Lvl_3 YELLOW3 insp_combine "Uncanny Insight" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Endurance_Lvl_3 BLUE3 insp_combine "Second Wind" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_resist_sleep_hold_Lvl_3 VIOLET3 insp_combine "Escape" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Resurrection_Lvl_3 AQUA3 insp_combine "Restoration" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_3 RED3 "insp_combine "Righteous Rage" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_3 PURPLE3 insp_combine "Phenomenal Luck" "Resurgence"
/macro_image Inspiration_Health_Lvl_3 GREEN3 insp_combine "Resurgence"Phenomenal Luck"

Macros can be stored in an unused tray and that tray toggled up and down with this simple bind. Set the tray called to the desired tray number (8, 9, etc.)

/bind ALT+I "toggle tray8"