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Contact the Artist

Although Derek has moved on to sober, upright family and business life, you can tell him how great this comic was (or which ones aren't) at

Contact the Webmaster

Please do drop me a line... especially if you find any kind of bug or flaw here in the site. It was frustratingly complicated to put up these galleries, after trying several webcomic plug-ins and themes that apparently work for the author and his/her friends, but not for anyone else, despite a ton of WP experience and code-bashing.

And I am a little out of pocket for the domain and hosting here, for which I ask nothing... this was a labor of love, from remembering how great our very own insider webcomic was, and a wish to bring it back to the new community.

But hey, if you want to drop a little Inf on me (Shenanigunner on Excelsior shard), I wouldn't mind.

And you can reach me, as always, at

And if you jump over to, you'll find the CoX Technical Guide, GABB bindfile and more. Worth it. Totally.

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