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Shortly after the launch of City of Heroes, a player and webcomic artist named Derek Sweet found the plight of the poor panicked citizens of Paragon City funny… and for almost five years, chronicled the hapless adventures of two of them as they learned to live with hordes of marauding heroes and ceaseless harassment by villains.

A year or so before the live era ended, Derek closed out the story and moved on, to another webcomic and a swing at stand-up. He kind of wishes everyone would forget all these youthful errors.

When Homecoming returned our city to us, I went looking for any remnant of City of Zeroes, only to find it was gone, gone, gone… a few stub entries in large webcomic references, and that's it. Not one comic remained in the web consciousness or the dustiest image archive. It even took me a while to find/remember the artist's name, despite some email exchanges back in the day. (Mostly, me trying to get him not to walk away... after all, CoX was going to run forever, right?) And then it took a while, sending flares up in dark corners of the web, to get his attention and a return contact.

But to my surprise, he still had all the comic files and was completely in favor of putting them back up. The archive (and permission) landed in my lap; I re-registered the defunct domain name; and a few hours of WordPress work using a webcomic management theme later… here we are.

Thanks, Derek, for both the original laughs and letting me bring it back to the resurrected community!

Ownership & Rights

Everything on this site, including what claim can be made to the title, belongs to Derek Sweet as original artist and author.


You can't blame me. But you can pat me on the head if you like...

Website Notes

I chose WordPress as a quick, easy platform to get this up, although I prefer to sling raw code. Part of that was all of the E! Z! Webcomic! themes and plugins available, all of which turned out to be junk or far too complicated for one static 'toon.

So I went with a fairly simple group of galleries. It works. If anyone has a good suggestion for an upgrade, please let me know.

Things are a little vanilla right now, too. I will probably tinker with the overall look and theme a little as well. Suggestions and feedback welcome.

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