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WindowScaler Utility

PopMenu User's Guide

This is a brief guide to installing and using the WindowScaler popmenu. Once installed in your game folder, any alt can call up the menu to easily scale the game windows and other UI elements.

For comprehensive info on popmenus, see either the section in the Tech Guide, or the HC wiki entry. (It's easy to write your own game menus... really!)


I would VERY much appreciate anyone who finds the name for other windows this utility does not include and passing the information to me for an update!

Installing WindowScaler

Using WindowScaler

In the game, for each alt, create ONE of the following keybinds:

Now, when you either hit the Pause/Break key or double-click the right mouse key or Alt-rightclick, the WindowScaler menu will pop up more or less at the cursor position. (You are of course free to bind the command to other keys that are convenient for you, but the last is probably the fastest, as you'll see.)

Advanced/Organized UI Rescaling

These steps will make the whole process a little more useful.

And, of course, starting all of this after installing and customizing the GABS bind file system make it all that much better!